Truck Wash

When Was the Last Time You Washed Your Truck?

Visit our truck wash bay in Stanley, ND

After a long trip, your truck is probably covered in dirt, grime and bugs. Luckily, Sonshine Carwash in Stanley, ND has all the truck washing equipment and cleaning solutions you need to wash off the crud.

Our truck wash bay includes:

  • A vacuum, so you can get rid of the crumbs in your floor mats
  • An undercarriage washing option, to keep your truck in top-notch condition
  • Vehicle brushes, so you can scrub your truck clean

Stop by our self-service truck wash to keep your truck looking its best. Call us at 701-629-8960 now to find out if our truck wash bay is big enough for your truck.

Bring your truck to our self-service truck wash station

Washing your truck isn't only good for keeping up appearances. It will also help boost the resale value of your truck and prevent dirt or road salt from causing damage.

Motor over to our self-service truck wash today.