Amazing, bring doggies with to the dog station- shower them and then move on to the car wash.

Lorena C

Go check out the dog wash. It'll save you a ton of hassle cleaning up after the pooch at home. I would never wash my dog at home if there's a dog wash I could bring it to. It's just way easier.

Jeremiah A

Open in winter, clean with hot water wash. Accepts CC pmt at wash bay.

Wayne A

Sunshine car Wash is going through some new changes We are getting new equipment including ,selectors ,vacuum, dog wash and automatic door closers. Thank you for all your business and patience while we go through this new transition

Jason D

This carwash works great! Very clean. Adequately priced. Excellent pressure.
The owner is an extremely helpful and kind businessman!

Shana P

Great hot water pressure!!! All of the products work good. Being clean and well lit was what gave it the 5 star. The pressure of the underbody wash was intense. Couldn't be happier!

Kenny S

Did a good job cleaning car, only problem was credit card machine was hard to use.

Cindy L

Nice carwash, highly recommended for your washing wants n needs.

Taylor A

It has very good pressure and warm water. The best part its in doors nice and warm when its very cold outside.

Edwin H

They accept quarters, not just the stupid tokens. Machinery is in order and is heated in winter.

Spencer W

If you wanna experience the wash yourself then this is the place, you get your quarters and get yo wash on

Rigo B

Easy to use good price

Nathan S

Clean car wash!

Cheyanne S

Awesome people!

Derek M

this place is great.