Car Wash

Don't Drive Around in a Dirty Car

Pull into our car wash bay in Stanley, ND

If you don't have the supplies you need to properly wash your car, turn to us. Sonshine Carwash in Stanley, ND has two car wash bays ready for you to use. We've got all the equipment and cleaning solutions needed to make your vehicle look brand new. We also sell car wash tokens that provide an additional minute of time.

Drive up to one of our car wash bays today. We accept credit cards and cash.

Everything you need to keep your car clean

You'll love that our self-service car wash has:

  • Hot running water to wash away dirt and grime
  • Triple foam to help get rid of bird droppings on your windshield and hood
  • Car and tire brushes to scrub away caked-on dirt
  • Music playing, so you can jam out while you clean

Come to our self-service car wash to make your vehicle shine. Call us at 701-629-8960 for pricing information.